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Thread: Children at the MOA Rally?

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    Children at the MOA Rally?


    Is anybody going to have their kids at the rally?

    I'm asking because I'm headed down from Toledo area, with my 8 y/o son on board. I / we would like to do some riding with other families / kids, as I figure that he might not enjoy hanging out with just a bunch of grown-ups.

    Ideally, I'd love to do some day rides with other parents and their kids. Hoping to maybe also raft the upper New River, the easy part.

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    Hi Doug!

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    MOA Kids activities

    There will be scheduled children's activities in the Civic Center. There will also be lots of other things for kids to do from crusing the Mall across the street from the Civic Center to the local amusement park to taking a ride on the paddlewheeler steamboat, PA Denny.

    If you are planning on camping at the quiet and family area, there is even playground equipment as part of the City Park.

    See you in Charleston
    Ride fast safely

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    Huggin' Jugs


    This will be my 10 yrs old son's 2nd National rally - but the first that he's ridden pillion.

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    Hey Doug-
    Im going with my 9 year old out of Dublin, OH. When are you going out. Im leaving on Thursday and comming back on Sat. Maybe we can hook up and ride dwn together. Contact me off line at

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    Doug, I will be bringing my 12 yr old step daughter and her mother. They weren't going to go until I showed them the pictures of the mall across the street. The last rally she went on was the ROK rally and her fondest memory was falling out of the raft on the Nolichuckie River.

    Hope to see you and Jean-Luc at the rally

    Mike LaBar

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