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Thread: Comfort Dual Comfort Seat 1200RT

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    Comfort Dual Comfort Seat 1200RT

    Has anyone experience with this supposely "comfort" seat? How does it compare with other seat you might have used? ...'preciate the info!!
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    Wife really likes it! Let's her sit up a bit to see,way more comfortable than stock.lowers driver about good inch so I just use hiway pegs more,more comfortable and support than stock is our two cents worth.
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    If the rise to the rear section is farther rearward, perhaps it would be comfortable. As it is, I'm looking for a seat that's all one piece and all one level. My kind of women ride their own.
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    I have about 21K miles on one on my 09' RT. 300-400 miles/day is a good average when I'm on a trip. I find it's way more comfortable then the 2 piece low that came on the bike, and about the same in terms of getting my feet down. It's also far better then the Corbin on my K75RT. The shape & size is good for me without looking too much like an overstuffed tractor seat, also, they seem to have gotten the foam density right on this one. The caution I would have is if your much taller or have longer legs then I do (5' 9'' 29 inch inseam) you may feel cramped.


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    Comfort Seat

    The BMW comfort seat (As opposed to the standard un-comfort seat)on my RT is certainly better than the high or low stock seat. I had both on the bike at one time or another. I don't know how it would compare to a Russell or the likes.

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    I put one on my 2010 RT when it was a couple days old. The original seat is unrideable for any long distance work e.g. 50 miles or more.
    Now with 18,000 miles, this seat is a vast improvement over the stock seat. It is a little bit wider in the tush area, but not quite as wide or comfortable as one of the aftermarket, Mayer or Russell offerings. But it is good enough to ride 12-hour days.
    Like all BMW stuff, it is pricey. Also, it is heated and plugs right in.

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