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Thread: Corbin seats

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    Corbin seats

    thinking about getting a Corbin Gunfighter seat for my 77RS does anybody have one on a RS how do ya like it any pro's or con's thanks

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    Had one on my 88RS. I liked the seat. My wife and I rode many miles together with no problems. Seat looks good on the bike too.

    Pros, heavy, but who cares.
    Cons, took some time adjusting to get the seat to lock.

    The comfort is not due to soft padding, it is hard, but due to the fact that it provides a rounded perch to sit in, not on.


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    Everybody's tail is different of course.

    I really hated my Corbin "Water Seat" and unloaded many moons ago.

    I didn't name them "Water Seats", a dealer did. But I instantly knew what he meant. I don't know if they are still like that.

    I hated the way it felt. I had a canyon dual sport.

    I liked it's looks, as I suspect a lot of folks do, and that is the secret to their success.

    I have a Russell now.

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