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    Question Recover a Corbin or...

    I have a Dual Canyon on a '93 PD that needs to be recovered. In town the local guy wants $175.00 to recover it. A new one is $300.00 from Corbin, or to have it recovered with some foam augmentation for more comfort from Sargent will cost about $350.00.

    I'm not sure if having Sargent redo it will be the right choice because they want to add some padding right where I sit, and the bike is already tall enough.

    If I get a new one from Corbin I can sell the used one for a few bucks to help offset the cost.

    What do you think would be the best route to take?

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    There are so many seat choices out there! Due to the cost, and the importance of being comfortable, I would try to sit on as many different seats as possible. It seems like everyone has different preferences. Cost is high enough so that one cannot afford to experiment. Once found, I wouldn't worry so much about the price as how the thing feels. A sore butt at the end of the day wasn't worth saving 50 bucks.

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    If you like your corbin, they will recover it for you. The cost is about 75% of a new saddle.

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    The value in a Corbin saddle comes with the base pan (stiff) and the foam (form fitting). The covers all seem to crap out in 10 years or less.

    Why does your saddle need the foam augmented? Is the current saddle too hard?

    That $175 from the local guy... does he have any competition? I had a Corbin re-upholstered locally here in Atlanta a few years ago for < $100.... and it was an excellent job.

    If having Corbin do it costs 75% of a new one, then to me, it's worth getting a new one.


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    I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, just sitting on a seat means nothing.

    Kind of like going to a store and lying on a mattress, to see if you like it or not.

    The "real test" for either, is experience. I can't tell anything by climbing onto a bike and sitting on it. Seat, bars, pegs or whatever else to be considered.

    Only real test is at least a couple of hours in the saddle. I've sat on bikes that belonged to friends, thinking they were quite comfortable, and then only after actually riding the bike(s), that I realized that it wasn't as comfy as initially thought.

    I would think the only real solution to obtaining a comfortable seat would be by trial and eror. That a seat, ride on it for a few days or so, send it back to have it modded if needed, then try it out again.

    For me....that's too much of a hassle. I have CORBINS on both my RT and my Kawi ZRX. Neither is perfect.....but they're close enough........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian
    Why does your saddle need the foam augmented? Is the current saddle too hard?
    Yes, the saddle seems a bit too firm for ultimate comfort...but I got it used so I don't know if it was softer or firmer when it was new. Sargent wants to add some foam because they feel that most Corbin's are too thin.

    If it's 75% of the cost of a new one to recover it...I'd go with a new one. I'll try another shop I saw and see how much they want to recover it.

    Thanks everybody

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