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    1977 r100s

    I would appreciate some of your thoughts -

    One of my bikes is a 1987 K75 with 50K on it, not exactly riding the wheels off it but always have had several bikes. Here's the deal - my cousin has a 1977 r100s in red with 11K on it. Been in his garage under a blanket for 11 or 12 (updated 10/12 - make that around 28 years!) years in Michigan, carbs were drained, gas tank was not drained but filled. Bike is in excellent condition so he says (haven't seen it). My questions -

    1. I'm thinking is might be worth around 4K, whatdayathinK? (He wants 5, I offer 3.8, we settle on 4 or something close - I'm thinking)

    2. What kind of shape do you think seals/gaskets will be in?

    3. Other than the ususal stuff, draining all the fluids and replacing, new tires, battery, etc., what do you think might need to be done to the beast to make her road worthy AND anything major you think might be in store?

    I know all this is pretty subjective - but I need the information to try get my arms around this to determine if I should proceed or not. I've got to admit I've always had a soft spot for an airhead - and the bike is in the family so to speak, I love the ideal of a r100s, and I love the looks of the beast - I'm thinking it might be a good bike to resurrect (and I'm also thinking there might not be a whole lot to it on this bike). Thoughts? Thank you all -
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