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Thread: 1997 R850R wants the nicer full gauge set...

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    Risers for R1100R ABS

    I've got a really nice '99 R1100R that I picked up not long ago. The bike is fantastic and really runs well, corners nice and is a blast to ride. My only criticism is that I can't find a way to raise the bars a little. Mine has the full instrument cluster that includes the switches for the ABS, Emergency Flashers and Heated Grips. The inside edge of the bars is covered by the cluster and prevents me from attaching risers.

    I'm curious if there are any solutions for this or if there are some other handlebars that can be attached that have some adjustment in them.

    Thank you,

    Keith Jorgensen

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    Risers that fit to the outer end of the bar, rather than the base of the bar, ought to work for you: Pictures in the ad show how they fit.

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    Thanks, it looks like that may work, I notice that they list the R1200, but not the R1100 or R1150. Iíll see if I can verify dimensions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
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    The 850 and 1100 are the same model design. The 1100/1150 facelift will bolt in place and has larger headlight shell as well. The biggest issue is finding a donor compared to RT,RS,and GS parts availability.
    Hopefully the wiring plugs are the same (or it's solder time). I would would need to source an instrument cluster, mounting bracket AND a headlight bucket or do you think my existing 96 R850R bucket would fit. Planning on doing this this summer when the bike is back home for a couple of months. Also, know anyone that can reset the odometer to read the correct milage of the bike not the donor? Also looking to replace the clock with oil pressure and oil temp gauge. Anyone have any experience with that?


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