Hello around the world,

My name is Brady. I'm an American living in Germany - just north of Munich in a town called Garching bei Munchen. It's a little suburb, the coffee, bread, and beer are all fantastic.

I was born in Minnesota, spent a good number of years living in Virginia, and followed my wife to Germany where she does physics as a PhD for the Max Plank Institute. I am a full-time writer with aspirations of global domination (or at least earning some form of living by way of the written word.)

I have a blog Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life that deals with motorcycle stories and reflections. My 2006 BMW F650GS is often featured, as are my '78 Honda 550 and '09 Kawasaki Concours. (Apparently, the Kool-Aid never took complete control of my mind)

My blog this week is about the original owner of the BMW F650GS that I currently ride. He was a madman and good friend who I lost to suicide a couple of years back.

I'm a brand new member, and happy to be a part of the community. I plan to attend rallies when I make it back to the states.

Brady Steffl