i'm here at color in the catskills and what a disapointment from last year. there are only approx. six to eight motorcycle related vendors. the BMW demo fleet is not here this year but MAX BMW does have demo bikes here. it also appears the non motorcycle related vendors are in short supply compaired to last year. i honestly thought this event would grow larger each year but this year it appears to have taken a step backwards. the weather isn't the best, rainy and in the low 50's,perhaps that is what kept the vendors away. in spite of the lack of vendors i managed to spend some money. i bought myself a new jacket from road gear as well as a pair of H2O gloves, and a few other things from the limited supply of vendors. am i glad i came, yes, but with out more vendors, the support of the MOA (they had no booth this year) i am afraid this event will become nothing but a memory within another year or two.