Last week my wife, Donna and I went on vacation. Our vacation happened to be on our K1200LT. Our vacation also happened to be from mile marker zero on the Blue Ridge Parkway back south to the end at mile marker 469. It was a vacation that we had planned as a retirement gift to me and ourselves. We have to brag that we're now "End-to-Enders"!

We had fog, rain, wind & sunshine during the trip but were prepared for all of it.

We intentionally took a leisurely trip and weren't in a hurry. In fact, we had even planned a 2 night layover in Little Switzerland, NC.

If you're looking for something to read while having your evening cocktail or morning coffe, I wrote a summary of the trip on our blog.

I had also made us a DVD slide show of some of the pictures and also uploaded it to You Tube if you're having your second drink or second cup of coffee that you can look at here.

It was a trip I'd do again in a minute! And so would she!