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Thread: Form-A-Funnel

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    I just saw an ad for these things in a catalog. They seem like just the item for people who buy motorcycles from companies that like to put drain holes in inaccessible locations:

    Anyone used these?
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    Well, sorta, they are essentially a piece of lead flashing with a real nice coating on them that makes them a lot more esthetically pleasing to use. New Pig is a nice outfit to deal with and all I have purchased has been top-notch. Anyname-if you are in the area of Liberty International in Manchester-near the Mall of New Hampshire you can see them on the shelf. Gary
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    I am an auto tech and i use it all the time! great product,good for those oil filters on GM 4x4s'.

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    Course for < $10 at your BMW car dealer, you can buy a cordura case that holds a quart of oil and comes with two plastic gloves, two laminated cardboard funnels, two hand wipes and two cleaning cloths.

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    For less than $10 I can get 150 sq feet of heavy duty aluminum foil. It bends and holds its position quite well. That's good for at least 100 oil changes.

    The form-a-funnel looks good but I still have about 75 oil changes worth of the aluminum foil left.

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