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Thread: Tools for 2003 R 1150GS

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    Tools for 2003 R 1150GS


    Can anyone suggest a list of tools to best go along with a 2003 R 1150GS? Thanks.

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    Welcome Boxedup.
    Yours is a difficult question because we all have different expectations.
    Assuming that you have the tool roll that came with the bike, do you intend to perform the routine maintenance like fluid changes, brake pad replacement, etc? If so the tool roll will suffice I think.
    It will be more convenient if you have a basic socket set with handles. From this point you can expand your toolbox depending upon the tools you need to perform specific jobs.
    I made the decision early (1960's) to invest in a basic set of Craftsman tools from Sears and am still using them along with many other tools I have needed along the way.
    I hope this helps you.
    Please do not hesitate to ask specific questions here. There are no dumb questions and you will find many really qualified mechanics who can help you out.
    If you do not have the tool roll, find the contents here: go to #71, equipment parts
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    What he said,also dealer phone number and credit card with a high limit.Ed
    Ed Baker

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