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Thread: Wiring a Knight Riderz to 2007 R1200RT

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    Wiring a Knight Riderz to 2007 R1200RT

    I installed a Knight Riderz on a 2007 R1200RT and have it wired as follows. I connected a relay in line so the power comes off the aux rear power plug, use the aux ground as well, aux power runs the tail lights, the tail/brake wire triggers the relay to send 12v to the brake side of the Knight Riderz. With this connection the Knight Rider will strobe the lights back in forth when riding and when I hit the brakes the 12v will trigger the relay to turn on the brake light side of the Knight Riderz.

    However, I have been told that some times the brake side will stay on. Since there is about 4v for the tail light going to the relay it seems that some times that is enough to keep the relay connection the brake side on. Most of the time the 4v will not trigger the relay and it will release.

    Is there some other place I can connect that will provide a brake signal that will be zero when the brakes are not applied and 12v when they are applied. This would be easier to connect on the old three wire tail lights but the new two wire requires some extra work. Any suggestions?

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    You are probably better served to post this in the Hexheads forum.

    Not judgin', just sayin'. . .

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