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Thread: Helmet hair and other issues.

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    Question Helmet hair and other issues.

    I'm not a woman, but I am married to one. I got back on a bike last year, picked up a 2000 R1200C, after many years without. I have been outfitting my wife, mid sixties, so that we can take some 2 - 4 day trips together, her as passenger. She has medium length (on the short side of medium) hair that is somewhat curly. Is there a way to mitigate the helmet hair problem? Also, on the two day trip we just took, she complained of a constant prickly feeling on the top of her head that she finds very annoying. I don't see any material reason for this to be happening. She is wearing a new 3/4 Bell. Any help from you gals out there would be much appreciated!

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    Get her a decent full face helmet and some nice Sliks helmet liners. (Google brings up just about every motorcycle online store for Sliks .) Personally I prefer the tube shaped cotton scarves that can be worn a dozen different ways and come in nice patterns, but if she is already suffering from the prickly feeling, she probably should try a Slik first.

    On the helmet issue, I keep the helmet I had on years ago to show people what happens when you do a face plant. Without it I would have been killed, but what bothers people most is not that but that it would have been a closed coffin because much of my face would have been scraped off. I love my Nolan 103. Being able to pull your helmet on and off with your glasses in place is important in your mid-sixties. She needs to make sure any helmet she chooses is comfortable and that has a lot to do with head shape, so it has to be a matter of trying them on and wearing them for long enough to be sure it is going to work for the length of the ride. Good motorcycle stores have sales people who can suggest the right type for your head size, but don't count on that.

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    Karl, maybe she would like to try a wig .

    Many years ago at an event i noticed this older couple taking off their road gear and stowing it away.
    The wife had a bad case of helmet hair, then suddenly it was gone !

    She had pulled a wig out of the top box and slapped it on fast as all get out. We all got a big laugh about it.

    I got my wife to try a Slick several years ago , we now have several in different colors. They really do work nicely.

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    Not a whole lot that can be done about helmet hair, I just accept it as a part of riding. I long ago gave up caring about what my hair looked like after 13 hours in the saddle on a hot day. :-)

    If she can, try to keep it in a pony, it helps. the helmet liners are great as well, I have one, but most times, i forget and leave it in a drawer. I do carry a Prana microfiber 'baseball' style cap, for those times when the fashion police demand that i look presentable. I also, when my hair is long enough, do a couple of French braids front to back.

    I wonder if that prickly feeling is because the helmet doesn't fit right? Maybe too loose and its vibrating around or too tight and its cutting of circulation???????
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    When I used to wear my hair longer, besides using shampoo, I also used conditioner. This I found minimized the dreaded helmet hair. However, if your wife has normal female hair length, washing her hair on a daily basis would most likely not be an option. A ball cap often works for me.
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    I am also a member of the hat club. I used to always slap it on my head as soon as the helmet came off, but now I rarely wear it. I always carry one in my top case.
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