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Thread: The trip was awesome, the fall not so much.

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    Return to the scene

    Thanks for all of your condolences, words of support and know that I know I am a Blessed man.
    I have so many good memories of the trip and am planing a trip back to the mile marker where I crashed. I am considering marking that hidden bolder the way my dog marks his territory. Lets just call it closure.
    This is the bike as it looks today, I will get black paint this winter and either a Parabellum fairing or maybe the stock windshield I've kept in a box for 22 years.
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    Now you know

    You have learned what most of us learn; ****hings happen.
    Mine was in 1966. That memory has kept me alert for many years. So glad you saved that bike from the junk yard. See you in Missouri.
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    Thanks for sharing your story and glad you came out of it OK. As for the the bike, interesting color combination. it reminds me of the 60's and their psychedelic colors. Seems like a head turner for now.

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