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Thread: 06 R1200RT -New Windshield?

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    06 R1200RT -New Windshield?

    Im shopping for a better windshield for my 06 R1200RT. My last bike was a 95 K1100LT and it had more wind protection than the R bikeǪǪǪǪǪǪ..or maybe it was because the K bike was always in the process of roasting me to death. In any event Im getting a lot more wind pressure and buffeting around my shoulders, so Im looking for a wider shield.

    My research show that the Rifle windshield has up to 5 more width than stock. Does anyone have experience with it?

    Tom in Cincinnati

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    I don't think you'll get much info on this inquiry.

    The most popular screen for the RT is theZ Technic (polycarbonate), probably followed by the Cal-Sci. Cee Bailey and Aerorflow are also common. All are wider than stock in the most commonly seen versions and offer both better wind protection and reduced wind noise compared to stock.

    Screens interact with helmets and riding position like seats interactwith different butts so choice is a matter of personal preference. I own the first two mentioned above and of those prefer the Z Technic but some others have opposite opinions.

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    Windshield issues

    Tired of the Teutonic Wind Turbulence Generator? WHAT A SHOCK!!!!! why that's almost as bad as being tired of the Bavarian Ass Torture Device!

    Truth be told, despite all the talk of German Engineering, the krauts turn retarded when it comes to windshields and seats.

    I have a different model than you (R1200GS) but I've solved the aformentioned problems with an Aeroflow windshield/faring and a Sargent Seat.



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