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Thread: Need boots resoled? Try Dave Page, Cobbler

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    Need boots resoled? Try Dave Page, Cobbler

    I have a pair of ridiculously expensive Vendramini Marathon Steel boots that I love. One bad thing about them is that the soles are fairly thin, and they finally needed to be replaced. My local shoe repair shop said he could not do it.

    I had heard about Dave Page ( on other bike forums so I gave him a try. He did a really terrific job. My original soles were maybe 1/16" thick. The new soles are Vibram and a minimum of 3/8" thick. They also grip the ground much better than the original soles (like my bike's new PR3's!). This added grip makes it easier to back up the bike while sitting on it.

    I recommend you give him a try before you toss your old boots out.

    Despite the name, he is not a small one man shop. He's got a decent sized operation going. He specializes in mountaineering boots.

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    Here's a link to what Dave Page was able to do for me:

    'nuf sed...
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    Sending my boots to Dave Page

    Thanks you for the post describing your positive experience with Dave Page. I plan to send him my boots next week so he can replace the worn soles on my riding boots. Will let you know they turn out.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I have a 1 year old pair of Sidi Canyon boots that have such a soft sole that just minimal stabilizing with my toe have nearly worn out the front of the soles. Less than 3,000 miles of riding.

    They are a problem looking for a solution, Thanks for the tip.

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    Twice I have had boots resoled by Dave. Top quality work on boots that local shops said could not be resoled. And done on time. Highly recommended.


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