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Thread: 1978 r100/7 with trailer???

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    1978 r100/7 with trailer???

    Looking to improve our two-up camping trips..
    a small cargo trailer might just do the trick..
    Looking for a bike hitch.. brands? pro? con?
    Any suggestions?

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    The Bushtec Trailer is the only way to go, it's made for a motorcycle and we have towed one for over 250,000 miles with my 1977 R100RS that now has 499,000 miles.
    I have a Reynolds hitch that is no longer in production but come up for sale now and again.
    You need a swivel hitch never just a ball type they are dangerous.
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    With ref to swivle hitch pulling a trailer let me tell you a story. Years ago I was pulling a trailer with a ball hitch going 70 mph and passed a car on the left. As soon as I passed this car cut left and hit the trailer. The trailer went up on its side, staide there and drug me to a stop. If I had been using a swivle hitch the trailer went up on its top or keep flipping and I am sure this would have taken the bike down. The only damage was a bent tung and road rish on the side of the trailer. Thank about this and make you own choice.

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    Try searching, Hitch Doctor. They were well talked about in the goldwing group.

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    I've never pulled a trailer. But like you I'm looking to pull a small trailer to improve my camping experience. I've heard good things about The Piggybacker trailer. The features that stands out on this trailer is the torsion bar suspension and swivel hitch. Looks like it goes for about $1000, which is in my price range. I'm going to pull it with a R100 and a K100. I have acquired Reynolds hitches to mount to the bikes. I believe the Reynolds hitch number your looking for is R-700 ; R bikes from '74-'84. Good luck with your project.

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