Anybody try yet, OR been doing so long like me? My GSA1200 carries me,wife and camping gear along the dirt byways just fine. I even taught this at Redmond last year for a few dually GS/GSAer's asking for it. We had a hoot and many learned something never though about much here. Maybe you should consider training with your "favorite" partner in life on board!!! I have been approached just recently and in my past, why not start something in my life, directed at just this topic. 2UP GS/GSA'ing. There are many great tips to learn for doing just this and you can share your favorite past time offroad with your significant other, as passenger. NO better bike has ever been made that could answer this challenge, just needing adventurous folks wanting to take the next step. Its been so great for myself, all my life riding my kids and wife too, on the back, offroad. Teach? Book forthcoming here? I don't know, just hung out here to see what 2UP folks think. Nobody offers this training, as I know it and it may need answering soon enough....Randy"Polarbear"Owens