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Thread: Turner Gulch

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    Turner Gulch

    This is just a 17 mile excursion, and it really isn't that much of a pavement alternative because the rural pavement it departs from on the north side (County 77/Tarryall Road) is two wheeled OUTSTANDING, but nevertheless, Turner Gulch or County 23 is equally so, but with an easy dirt surface. What is special about Turner Gulch is the coffee table picture book views of South Park's lumpy, rocky, treed eastern sides. And it's utterly lonely too.

    The map...

    Now, the direction to ride this is from south to north so the majority of distracting views are over your wind screen versus in your mirrors, but here's a 3:15 vid going from north to south ...

    And a few screen captures from the recording...

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    Very nice:)

    NOW this is GS'in, ya'll 2UP folks pay close attention too, take a picnic along, some light wine too, a blanket and enjoy the flora and fauna this bike can take you to! Love the scenes here and Colorado ROCKS. Randy

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    Nice video. May I ask which camera you were using?

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    Hey Randy, Thanks. And yep, while this was a mild off road fling, the GSADV has delivered memorable journeys, to special destinations, on far more uncertain surfaces, and has done so eagerly.

    marchy... The cam is a GoPro HD connected via a helmet mount to the lower left side of the helmet. Cams on top of the helmet, where many connect for this kind of p-o-v, are too extreme, especially with a wide angle.

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