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Thread: Texas Sized Disease

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    Talking Texas Sized Disease

    Hello from Texas:
    My name is Roger and I'm a bikoholic. First it was a 99 R1200C and it has progressed to a 02 R1150RT. The most difficult times occur in the spring and fall when I cannot resist the urge to ride. This is when my wife and son attend bikealnon most regularly. They seem to be coping much better than I and have learned to avoid situations which cause them to be bikco-dependant.
    Regardless, some afflictions can be dealt with by simply accepting the inevitable. In my case, I've accepted the fact that I have no will-power and cannot resist the temptations a BMW M/C has to offer.
    Can I have your number to call if I ever decide to fight this terrible disease? Hopefully, one of my brothers of BMWMOA will rescue me from reality!
    Roger D.

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    The Cure....

    Well, first we have to reduce the risk you will backslide. One of the bikes (or at least the current one, if you got rid of one...) hasta GO! For a small handling charge, I will remove the temptation posed by either of your bikes. I am a professional, and can guarantee results. Just leave the bike in the parking lot of Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater in CS, or the Palace Theater in Bryan if that is too far to walk home. Leave the keys in the ignition, sign the title and slip it into the tool pouch.


    1980 R100RT
    1968 R50/X (unknown)
    1978 SR500
    1971 Rokon RT-140
    (and my wife's Honda Airblade in Saigon)

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