Donna & I did a desert loop from Vegas Thursday morning - weather perfect. We had planned on riding up to the old ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. , but changed our plans when we hit some road construction that was causing a 30 minute delay, so we turned onto Hwy 160 back south to Pahrump.

Here's the route

North on Hwy 95, nice and cool in the morning hours

Our first stop was at the little casino at Indian Springs - breakfast, a $5.99 steak and eggs. A very good steak for that price..

South on Hwy 160

Coming into Pahrump from the north on Hwy 160

Let's go this way

On the way to Death Valley junction, the California state line is out here somewhere

We stopped in Amargosa, CA.

The Amargosa Opera house - had to look up "E Clampus Vitus" Kinds neat history of this organization, love the motto...I believe it because it is absurd -

This opera house is now a hotel, visited with the owner - we will have to come back and spend a night here.

South towards Shoshone on Hwy 127

We stopped in Shoshone, had a cold drink - it was starting to get a little hot, while we were there and tour bus pulled in, must have been about 30 people got off and bought lottery tickets - glad we already had our drinks, long line to wait in..

Next up, we took the cutoff to Tecopa, CA. They have a few "date" farms, but we didn't stop, then took the road back towards Hwy 160. Not a state highway, but not to bad - a whole lot of nothing to look at

Back onto Hwy 160 in NV.

We stopped at the top of the Mountain Springs pass

A cool looking thunderstorm over Mt. Charleston

Going down

Las Vegas off in the distance as we come down the pass on Hwy. 160

North on the Blue Diamond highway

Passing Red Rock canyon, almost home

About 250 miles total, perfect way to spend a day up - our trip to the MOA Getaway in Cedar City next weekend..North on the Blue Diamond highway