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Thread: Valuation needed : HELP !

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    Valuation needed : HELP !

    Hi everyone:
    I have a chance to snag a '58 500cc Beemer with an "Eastern European" sidecar. Problem is, I don't have a clue to the value. It is one of 13 classic motorcycles going for sale, either as single sales, or estate auction. My understanding is that the owner was successful and loved his bikes. { the others are 2 Matchless from 50-51, a '58 AJS, 4 Nortons from '39-68, 4 BSAs '56-60, and an odd Honda.} So let's assume it is in really good shape, which is what I've been led to believe.
    Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you
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    Maybe everyone will be eyeing the Matchless and forget about the lonely BMW in the corner!

    I don't know much about sidecars. A '58 R50 in good condition is going to be well north of $5K...maybe close to $7-8K. That said, unless you know the past maintenance history as it pertains to the bottom end (ie, slingers), you'll be looking at the need to perform that service if you plan on keeping the bike and ensuring its future. A bottom end engine overhaul is going to run $1-1.5K.

    Any chance you can post some pictures ahead of time? If nothing else, maybe you can take pictures of some of the bikes and post...I'd love to see the Matchless and AJS.
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    Hi Kurt:
    Not sure about the photos. Am going to look at the bikes next week. Based on the Matchless/AJS/Norton connection of history, plus the fact that he has a Norton Atlas Cafe Racer and a BSA Hornet, I'm thinking that this fellow was a real "hot shoe" in his time. Will find out more for sure.
    {Hope you're right about the Beemer.}
    Thanks for the response,

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