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Thread: 2 years later

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    2 years later

    I spent a little time poking around in the Admin panel of vBulletin tonight and thought I'd share some statistics. We moved the forum up to vBulletin v 3.0.x last November, so we've lost all our previous statistics, but I thought it would be interesting to point out where we are now after starting this place just a bit over two years ago.

    Average number of posts/day: 130

    Average number of new threads/day: 10

    Average number of unique users that visit each day: 214

    Average number of new users/day: 5

    Most viewed thread: The Iron Butt Thread

    Most replied to thread: Rounding up potential rounders

    Record Online users: 324, back on 12-08-2004 at 6:02 PM

    And the most popular forum? What else? Campfire.

    So how did all this get started? Thank Visian. He got the MOA to consent to getting this started, bought the software and installed it and then recruited some folks to make it work. We went live the same day the US invaded Iraq, which was pretty strange, but we still attracted about 75 members that day by furiously cross posting to every forum and mailing list we could think of. Back then, most of the content was the moderators talking to each other, trying to get some content going. It was difficult, but it took. JGR, BG, Brad, Lorazepam, MarkF, El Dookey - there are a bunch of folks that got on early and are still here. Those folks have made this place a home and have, along with everyone else here, built the flavor of this place that is so unique. Not too tame, not too wild. Somewhere in the middle. Kind of like that crazy uncle you used to have. You knew who he was, but you never quite knew what he was going to do.

    The original intention was to provide a way for MOA members to talk with each other, sort of as a way to enhance a mailing list. I think it succeeded. With not much more than a guerilla campaign, just about no mention by the Web Editor and some strong word of mouth, it managed to get off the ground and start to grow. And now, I'll see a day when we sign up ten or fifteen new users and know that we got a mention in ON and someone decided to check it out.

    We've seen folks form their own club, organize track days, meet each other at a national rally, make a whole bunch of new friends and just generally shoot the breeze. I'd say you folks have done good. Keep at it, y'all. It's just gonna get better.

    After all, the MOA's mission is to foster a sense of community among BMW owners and you guys (and gals!) are doing exactly that.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    excellent stats. good info.
    a big thank you to those folks who conceived and who carry on my favorite forum. i have checked other forums out (even paid $20 to join one) and i feel like goldilocks....this one is just right.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Not bad for two years, wonder what the next two will bring...

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    We suck. **

    If you think the thread on the 03 Ironbutt rally was cool just wait to see what we do this year.


    Rob Nye

    ** In YB Speak xxx suck or xxx sucks is a compliment of the highest order.

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    Thanks So Much

    I would like to thank the efforts of our web team. Visian, Dave, Brad, Scott(where is he by the way, did they get a house?) and others who have made this forum a reality.
    I have learned a great deal about BMW motorcycles, and the people who ride them. the forum is also the reason I joined the MOA, and I think this will be a common response of members in the future.

    Having lost most of my family, I have adoped the folks here in the forum as an extended family, and look forward to many years of friendship, fellowship and good riding partners.

    Thanks again to all those whose hard work and dedication have made this a great place to be.
    Gale Smith
    2009 Versys
    1999 R1100RT

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    Thanks Dave!

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