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Thread: newbie looking for throttle syncing experience with veteran wrench in New York

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    Question newbie looking for throttle syncing experience with veteran wrench in New York

    I own an 2000 r1100 rt and have moderate wrenching experience: valve adj, all fluids, cable replacement, etc. but have never sync the throttles before. The dealer has.
    I own a twinmax and would be happy to meet you at your home or destination convenient for you. I have read the TBSD (throttle bottle syncing for dummies and Kulow and Co's. tech topics as well.) I still would like to get a hands on demonstration from a confident wrencher. Happy to supply the beer and good company.

    I live in Dutchess County and commute to Long Island on occasion. Anyone who lives on that route or nearby feel free to drop me a line.

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    I don't live in New York, so can't do it with you, but just wanted to say that given all else that you have done, this is simpler than just about anything else. Goes very easy and quickly with a TwinMax. The TwinMax instructions should be followed to insure that you have the unit itself zeroed out before you start the bike, but other than that and having a warmed up engine to begin with, its a snap. I find it goes so quickly that I have never had the need to set up a fan blowing on the engine. By the way, I have a 2001 RT and have found no need for further adjustments the last two services.

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    carb sync

    I have never synced BMW R carbs, but have many times on 2 carb v-twins. It is not hard. On most brands one carb is not adjustable, it is the baseline. You balance the other carn vacum to it.

    The cheapest and most sensitive carb balancer can be found at

    I use 2 stroke oil because it is usually died to see better and if you knock one hose off and the engine ingests the oil, it will just burn it. No harm done. (Not my first rodeo).

    You can build the manometer for under $5.

    Ralph Sims

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    The cheapest and most sensitive carb balancer can be found at
    Great link and idea! Not sure why I didn't think of this before. Simple and accurate.

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    Where are you beemercon? I'm in Wantagh, LI or upstate NY in the Adirondaks. I have done this on my RT many times. Send me a msg at

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    how far from ct. i am in new milford. off rt7, 55 and 22 nearby.

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    hey guys- check the date. beamercon is "a few miles", and 4 years from CT!!

    i've noticed a rash of zombie resurrections of late. not sure why its happening , but reviving these long dead threads sure can create confusion.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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