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Thread: Hickup at 6,500 RPM

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    Hickup at 6,500 RPM

    As I excelerate to the almost the redline in first or second gear (I haven't tried a higher gear) my 1995 R1100RS will skip or you could call it a miss. It happens once then the bike revs to the cut off. All other RPMs run smoothly. It happens about 50% of the time. Any ideas on what is causing this. Gas, electrict or???? My bike has 73,000 miles.

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    Mine does this when I do not run it hard enough. A couple of runs to redline and it will quit for a while. It must be carbon deposits.

    It is much worse using the NGK plugs, with the Bosch 4417 is is much less pronounced.

    Just find a place with no LEO and run to red line in the first 3 gears at least once every 1000 miles and your problem should be solved.

    We need a autobahn!


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    Rod - I'm assuming you don't have an RS. I just bought 4418s for my R1100RS

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    I think I will just run at a max of 6,000 RPM.

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    If I had a hicc up at 6500 rpm's I'd safely pull over and drink a bunch of water very quicky.

    But I was making such good time.

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