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Thread: bike is just about ready for my Alaska trip...

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    Good luck Roy!!! As my "outlaws" in Newfoundland say, "long may your big jib draw".

    Just wondering (since I am contemplating a similar Yukon trip this summer), did you consider carrying a sat phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Global Rider
    So do I just went off on a tangent. I was only poking fun at all the gadgetry....same goes for them fishing rigs that I see so often. As Veg said, "is there a motorcycle under all that gadgetry?" How did we ever get by in the past?
    I gotta agree here. I had a fishing boat with all the stuff here in the US but my two best fishing trips were in bare utility boats up in Quebec. I never missed the gadgets. I guess that's why I still travel with maps even though I plot trips on the computer and have GPS envy. To each their own. Enjoy the ride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkF
    I still travel with maps even though I plot trips on the computer and have GPS envy.
    Same choice in the matter, even though I have an eMap. I don't think I'll ever be mapless. How else can you get the big picture for planning purposes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyB
    The man is TOTALLY unprepared to go to Alaska! He has no DVD player! There are no cappucino or gelato dispensers! What about the remote pressure-sensors and automatic tire-inflators? He has no RIPISH (rectal-insertion personal interior space-heater)!

    I give him about a one in three chance of actually seeing a critter BEFORE he runs into it during his trip. (He'll probably be on the phone at the time, anyway.)

    That stuff all looks great in the photo, obviously taken in your garage. One rest stop in the wrong neighborhood and the bling-bling is GONE. I wonder how well it will all work anyway, after a week of solid downpour, rattled by a thousand miles of road construction and covered with an inch and a half of mud. The stop watch will come in R-E-A-L handy up there. Whatcher gonna use it for, timing laps around the Arctic Circle? You DO know the circle has been paved, don't you?

    What you NEED to go to Alaska is a beaded seatcover, a good set of tire irons, a patch kit and a big water jug. Oh yeah, and some bug spray. You might want to get a compass out of a box of Cracker Jacks and take that, too, along with a map. It will continue to work when your GPS gets shaken to death or stolen.

    Viewing the photo, two proverbs spring to mind:
    "You don't own stuff. Stuff owns you." - Anon
    "Simplify. Simplify. Simplify." - ?

    All that said, I wish you luck and hope you have exactly the Alaska adventure you want to have. No matter what happens, you'll get a lifetime of memories and a few good Tales out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyB

    The headphone amp is from a fellow up in Canada (who likes Americans!). He just introduced a version specifically for motorcycles with a remote volume control and powered by 12V instead of batteries. He is an amazing guy to do business with.
    Check him out at

    could not agree more about Gary, the amp guy.

    He is profoundly interested in making his customers happy.

    I put one on my ST1100, there is a write up here

    I have tunes and an intercom on that bike, if you like the gadgetry who gives two thirds of a **** what the other guys say.

    It is your ride, your bike and you did a damn good job putting all that gear on the bike.

    I imagine gearing up and daydreeaming about the trip is a big part of the fun. More power to you, and to your stuff.

    You should check Canadian law on radar detectors where you are going though.

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    Impressive Array of Electronics

    It appears that you'll never be lost, bored, stopped by a mountie or miss any emails. Where's the fun in that? Oh yeah, I would keep an eye out for the bears and moose though......that might be interesting, or do you have a laser weapon installed that you're not telling us about.....

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    "So do I just went off on a tangent."

    Hey Global....I'm just poken' fun at you poken' fun!

    Hey Marc F.....Rule number 1 about fishing......."fish where there are fish!" Nothing like Quebec for fishing! Up there you can catch fish, and big fish!, with a paperclip and a piece of dental flosse.

    Hey the rest of you guys that don't have gadget affliction.....BMA!...:-)
    GA is a very serious malady. It affects one out of every two motorcycle riders. We hide JC Whiney catalogs in the basement.....Don't even mantion Touratech around us! In a mall, we usually can be found a Sharper Image, Brookstones or a kitchen supply store. We buy tools and gizmos for our workshops and never open them. Years later we rediscover them, but we already bought another one so we don't need the first one! But man do we have good tag (yard) sales!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyB
    GA is a very serious malady.
    So is the internet and forums. Good thing winter is almost over. I don't spend nearly as much time as I used to on the net.

    I spent the evening doing a layout on a piece of 1/8" stainless steel to accept GiVi mounting hardware. After drilling, tapping and deburring the holes and mounting the GiVi hardware, the E52 Maxia fit perfectly. After I trim the plate for styling, it'll get glassbeaded to match the White Aluminium finish of my Adventure gas tank. Four spacers will hold the plate a 1/4" off the rear carrier.

    It is turning out nice and as expected. A heck of a lot better than what GiVi has for a mounting kit.

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    It looks like GA in in full swing there Roy. Nice stuff!! I dont know what the mythology of traveling to Alaska is but its really no big deal. Some dirt roads under construction and areas of really loose gravel in Northern B.C. and Yukon. The most likely problem you will encounter is puttering behind long lines of weekend RVers in B.C. on the two lane roads.
    Take a MAP!! and keep your gas tank as full as often as you can around the 100 mile mark.
    When you see signs in B.C. off of the road near some two tracks that go into the woods that say "Do not enter, Poisonous Gas" I was told later that they store old Chemical weapons there from WWII.. Alex, maybe you can expound?
    All you really need is cash, tire patch stuff, wet weather gear and yes, a map. I did it from Phoenix AZ to Anchorage on my TDM 850 in '97. Dont go too overbored! Oh yeah, and take a camera. I hope you have the best time of your life!!!!!

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