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Thread: I'll take heat any day - flooding in Bloomsburg

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    I'm thankful then that the MOA choose Bloomsburg this year. At least the town had that event. It's not going to make everything all better but it's better than nothing.
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    The 2011 Bloomsburg Fair is a mini one

    Bloomsburg Mini Fair October 14, 15 & 16 press release

    The efforts of many to clean up the fair grounds were absolutely amazing. 4-H
    leaders, 4-H youth, local businesses, fair vendors, volunteers, exhibitors, shareholders
    and fair workers all came together as one to accomplish the difficult task of restoring the fair.
    Our young adults learned a lifelong lesson that sometimes ‘«£life is not fair‘«ō.
    Many of them worked long hours doing hard manual labor only to learn that the fair would be cancelled.
    The directors quickly agreed to allow the 4-H market animal shows and sale.

    All efforts were not in vain, on October 14, 15 & 16 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
    we will be having the 4-H market animal shows and sale for our local kids at the
    Bloomsburg Fair grounds. This will include animal shows such as 4-H sheep/lambs,
    hogs, goats and steers. This will be open to the public and free of charge for all who
    attend. The 4-H kids have worked for months with their animals to get them to show
    quality. Many use their sale proceeds to offset animal expenses and put towards future
    tuition cost for college. The 4-Hers are looking forward to our local businesses and
    livestock buyers to attend the sale. We hope anyone interested can attend and help
    contribute to our future leaders of tomorrow in their endeavors. The livestock sale will
    be held on Sunday 10/16 at 2pm.

    We have a variety of local vendors who will be attending for your eating pleasure.
    This event is a small token of all who contributed with the clean-up efforts.

    Jeff B. Giger
    Director of Livestock, Bloom Fair
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