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Thread: I'll take heat any day - flooding in Bloomsburg

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    I'll take heat any day - flooding in Bloomsburg

    Wonder what the fairgrounds looks like . . .

    Bloomsburg Flooding

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    In a flood is it wise to stand on a bridge over flooded waters? With the deterioration of the infrastructure in the US I am not sure that is very smart.

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    Bloomsburg is suffering with record high water from TS Lee and Hurricane Irene. I bet the fairground is a mess.
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    More videos here.

    200 roads damaged including some of the best in north and north central Pa.

    I 80 & 81 closed
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    whew, close call. think what this would have done to the flame cars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    whew, close call. think what this would have done to the flame cars!
    doused the fire
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    Would have been a helluva GS Giant....

    This is from the north end of the track, you can see the stage in the background.

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    This is the intersection of routes 11 and 42 right outside the fairground entrance.

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    Main Street in Bloomsburg

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    ...close call...Visian
    I'm tempted to make a certain comment....

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    Maybe when the waters recede the flame cars can help dry things.

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    Thank God they didn't change the rally date to hurricane season.
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    Does anyone know if or how Camp Victory was impacted? They were the selected charity for this year. I have checked their site and didn't find any information.
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    Recent Flooding in Bloomsburg

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    My heart goes out to the folks in Bloomsberg

    The Fairgrounds has 10' of water covering it and the town is devastated. Their facilities were excellent and the people were very friendly when we were there 2 months ago.
    All that money that we brought to the town is washed away, and I do not think that we could hold another rally there in the foreseeable future. Yeah, it was hot, but I do not think that the heat we had at the National was a normal situation for that area. I would have gone back to Bloomsburg if there was another National held there. I just want the same MOA rally staff that kept us as cool as possible at the '11 National! Great job folks!

    I hope MOA will send the town a message that they have our sympathy and our best wishes for their recovery. I will always think well of Bloomsburg, PA.
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