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Thread: Great things at Rallies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    I think 90% of the USA was hot that week, so what can you say! Any rally sure beats the alternative, staying home, going to work, chores around the homestead and so on. My GSA and me had the time of our life, meeting so many other like minded nuts, getting all messed up offroad. We had a HOOT! Randy
    I for one would have loved to be there but, due to a retina issue, I wasn't able to attend. I've had conversations with many who were there and it boiled down the to difference between disaster and adventure: Their attitude.
    Ride Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIBUD View Post
    I for one would have loved to be there but, due to a retina issue, I wasn't able to attend. I've had conversations with many who were there and it boiled down the to difference between disaster and adventure: Their attitude.
    No wonder I couldn't find you - and I looked everywhere beer was being consumed too! Sorry you missed a Rally. Seeing better?!

    Attitude is important, but there were 'areas of concern' that have certainly been brought to the attention of the BoD, and hopefully, refinements in our rally matrix will be evident in Sedalia for 2012.

    Once we start belieivng our own Press that we've created the 'ultimate rally experience,' we're in trouble.

    Good rallies are an evolutionary process - applaud what is good - improve what is not - never presume perfection.

    I witnessed too many MOA'ers packing up tents already on Friday afternoon, bemoaning the site as "Doomsburg" or "Gloomsburg."

    I didn't feel that way, and I think far more sweat was expended by volunteers to create a site that could appeal to all who came than was perspired by those in attendance. Kudos again to their dedication and efforts.

    See you next year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsslark View Post
    Bloomsburg was my first rally and I had a great time. See ya in Missouri!
    +1. Had a great time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    I witnessed too many MOA'ers packing up tents already on Friday afternoon, bemoaning the site as "Doomsburg" or "Gloomsburg."
    If one cannot command attention by one's admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance

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    Rallies are about people

    I had the honor of having dinner with Mike Traynor, the late founder of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Deb kind of took the responsibility of "hosting" Mike as he attended a national, I believe it was Johnson City, Ambassador's dinner. In all my life I've never met a man that more precisely defines the word Gentelman. Although we were in a room with a hunderd or so people, few knew him by sight. Certainly many know of his actions. So the three of us chatted at length, undisturbed. I'll never forget one of the things Mike said, "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." What a man.
    Live this day.

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    Bloomsburg Rally Highlights

    Camped at the rally Tues, after the storm, to Sat morning.

    After 9 pm, the earth blocks the sun and every campsite is in the shade.

    Worked registration Wed, from 4-8, then bought lemonade right at the tent, walked west to the river and went right in with some nice kids from the town, they were enjoying each other and the rope swing. The people working under the tent and those coming through registration are rewarding to interact with.

    The food vendors were wholesome and awesome, especially the family under the green and white striped tent, snowmobilers from a town a half hour away. They always serve at the fair in late September.

    8 hr safety riding course on the mall parking lot Fri. had lots of free bottled water.

    Walked around the place Thurs. late in the day, awesome music coming out of speakers in a house to the east, no, it was really a drum and bugle corp playing for the retirement home up the hill at sunset. Sounded great.

    Hung out with some long time friends, especially Art H. from CT.

    Easy destination, nice roads in and out of town to the south and east.

    Ate with a wonderful elderly K1200LT owner with a couple years of riding with his wife left, he was alone this trip though. A weathered and able factory and farm worker whose eyes were the reason he was "on the clock."

    Just few of the many.


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    Was this rally HOT, of course it was.

    But i try to live by the idea that all adventures take a few hardships to overcome to be great.

    Like many have said, the National for me is pretty much an annual event (except the left coast, due to time constraints). I love seeing friends, new and old, visiting all of the vendors, riding in an area that may be new to me, and listening to wonderful music, stories, instruction about our passion.

    And, i'm not working.... can't beat that.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    Always a great rally!

    I attended my first BMWMOA National/Internation Rally in 1981 at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Have been to 10 more since then and at least two BMWRA National Rallies.

    Would have attended more except for work, health or family obligations

    Enjoyed every one of them...sometimes in spite of lousy weather. I recall pitching my tent in freshly spread horse manure at Lake Placid, wife really enjoyed that one...setting up camp in the dark can be a hazard.

    The rallies I enjoyed most and remember most were the ones where I volunteered to help out. I've done gate security, sold stuff in the Country Store, sold water and beer, done registration, sold 50/50 tickets and provided music for daily devotions and Sunday worship.

    By volunteering I met a lot of great people (and a few jerks ) and learned to appreciate just how much work it takes to make these events happen.

    A huge part of the rally is the trip there and home. I find the journey is what I really look forward to and a rally is a great destination.

    R1200RT. Previous K1200RS, K1200LT, R80RT, R100R, R75/5

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    The homemade peach ice cream at Johnson City.

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