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Thread: Barber advice

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    Barber advice

    Thinking about riding down to vintage days at the Barber track in Oct. and noticed all the camping was sold out. Can anyone recommend other camping in the area and are all the motels in the area usually booked for the weekend. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I have been to the vintage event at Barber several times, I do not camp so I am no help with that.

    True many of the motels closest to the track are booked up way in advance, but you should call them directly and ask if they have any cancellations. I have had good luck with that.

    If you don't mind a short ride on the freeway back towards Atlanta a couple of exits there are usually room available, have also had good luck that way.

    All the motels jack up their rates for an event weekend.

    If you plan on visiting the museum budget a lot of time, the place is awesome. The tram service around the track is great , free and you can get on and off at many viewing places around the track. Do not miss the opportunity to get in the pits and rub shoulders with the racers. You might be surprised at who you see in there, just remember to be alert,. The race bikes are running around tuning all the time.

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