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Thread: New SoCal member saying hi

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    Smile New SoCal member saying hi

    Hi all,

    Getting back into bikes after a long break, familiar story..

    I wanted to fix up an old bike, head set on a BMW airhead as I love the sound of a twin and think the boxer is one of the best configurations.
    Found a R75/6 in need of much love, the owner also had a Ducati so impulse purchase.. I got two non running European twins in one day

    Ducati needed a new engine and "looked" like the easier rebuild so I did that first so I would have something to ride.

    Now I have the R75 up on the table and having lurked on the forums for some time I knew I wanted to join at the start of the rebuild so I had some place to turn for advice and to share the trials & tribulations inherent in every build.

    With luck I will get her running soon and we can share many BMW riding stories together.

    Stephen, SoCal

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    Welcome, Stephen from SoCal -

    Yes, those Airhead twins are music to our ears. Look forward to hearing about your restoration process over in the Airhead forum.
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    BTW, we are also big sucker for PICTURES! Good luck with the restoration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iRene View Post
    BTW, we are also big sucker for PICTURES! Good luck with the restoration.
    Hi iRene, I have started a rebuild thread here..

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