Friends -
This week, an ad hoc committee meets in a conference call to discuss the possible restructuring of our rally process, planning, and goals. The committee is comprised of board members, our Executive Director Ray Zimmerman, and a future rally chairman. This will be a STRATEGIC PLANNING session. We will not be discussing the nuts and bolts about future rallies.

Below is a snippet of our discussion points for our first meeting. This will probably morph, grow, and change as we work through some of these line items. The goal of this committee is to submit a report to the full board at the October board meeting, and possibly walk away with some actionable items.

Points of discussion should include, but not be limited to:

--->What is the Purpose of the Rally?
--->What are the Goals of the Rally?
--->Date Selection
------>Should we expand upon the current dates we focus on?
--->GS Giant
------> Where should we go with the GS Giant concept.
--->Budget & expense guidelines
------>Restructure how we do it now?
------>Define - or Redefine - spending authority
--->Rally Budget Model
------>What are the top goals for the rally?
------>How much a party for members and how much marketing?
------>What should we spend money on, and what to skip?
------>How to reduce costs? (What to reduce or eliminate.)
----------->a. Identify non-core expenses (those not aligned with rally goals).
----------->b. What expenses only benefit a very few, or are a poor bang for the buck?
----------->c. Other?
------>Admission fee: do we raise it and how much?
--->Rotating through past rally sites

If you have additional suggestions for discussion points at the strategic-planning level, please reach out directly to me at: SUE'S EMAIL ADDRESS. As the committee chair, I will integrate your thoughts into the discussion as well.

thank you.