I live close by to Hunter, so I was there and home again a few times. Sunday I took the guided ride to the summit. I had a little mishap with a tree root adjacent to a mudhole, you can see the result here...

I had another mishap a little further on, that resulted in a broken clutch lever, I did not make it to the summit. I coasted down the mountain to the base lodge in shame (well not really).

Max had one of his team remove a clutch lever from a demo bike, rendering it inoperable, and installed it on mine so I could ride home. Most impressive! Max and Ben are a class act, and I am happy to have them as "my" dealer.

It is always a pleasure to see Michael Friedle and have the opportunity to spend some time with him.

Each year, the weather seems to be an obstacle to this event really shining, but I hope to see it continue to be successful.