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Thread: Color in the Catskills

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    Color in the Catskills

    Any info on road closures in the area?

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    No replies yet?

    You can check out the NYS website. Might help.

    As you know N.Y and Vt. got hit HARD.

    Hopefully roads will be at least passable by then.

    Take a look at a link that a friend sent me

    John & Cathy
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    Here is the list from the local paper. There are also many roads with temp repairs that are open, so take care when riding. Also be careful of limbs and branches hung up in the trees that are still falling and could be in the road around the turn.

    The following is a list of roads in Ulster, Greene and Dutchess counties that were closed as of late Saturday afternoon due to damage and flooding caused by Tropical Storm Irene or subsequent rainfalls.



    Watson Hollow Road.

    Peekamoose Road.

    Oliverea Road, bridge between Route 28 and county line.


    Clinton Avenue bridge.


    Route 213, between Dashville and Church Hill Road, and Cowhough Road and Route 32.

    River Road, between Boxes 132 and 150 (one lane open).

    Route 32, between Route 213 and River Road in Rosendale.


    Clove Road, between town line and Route 44/55.

    Sparkling Ridge Road, near Box 118.

    McKinstry Road, between Brunswick Road and Burnt Meadow Road.

    Old Ford Road, just east of Old Ford Circle.

    Bevier Road.


    Dry Brook Road.


    Schoolhouse Lane, between Russell Road and Main Street.

    Hurley Mountain Road, between Route 28 and Wynkoop Road.

    Route 28A, to Spillway Road.


    River Road.

    Route 44/55, at South Street.

    Ransom Road.


    Smith Lane.

    Old Clove Road.


    Dug Road, from Springtown Road to Klein Kill Drive.

    Springtown Road, from Route 299 to Mountain Road and Dug Road to Klein Kill Road.

    Huguenot Street, from Main Street to North Front Street.

    Plains Road, from Water Street to DaVinci Way.

    Route 299 west, between Wallkill River bridge and Libertyville Road.


    Route 44/55, from Picnic Woods Road to South Street.

    Old Unionville Road, from Box 81 to Box 71.


    Tow Path Road, between Alligerville Road and St. Josen Road.

    Whitfield Road bridge, between Lower Whitfield Road and Airport Road.

    Bakertown Road.


    James Street, between Keator Avenue and Parkcrest Drive.

    Route 32, between River Road and Route 213 in Esopus.


    Glasco Turnpike, between Phillips Road and Fred Short.

    Lighthouse Drive.

    Drummond Falls Road.

    Manorville Road, at Ralph Vedder Road.


    Old Route 28 bridge, between Route 28 and Route 42.

    Oliveria Road, at Alpine Inn area.

    Alpine Road.

    Burnham Hollow.

    Eagle Mountain.

    Maben Hollow Road.

    Lower Birch Creek Road.

    Peck Hollow Road bridge, north of Box 144.

    McKinley Hollow Road, last mile.


    River Road.

    Lippencott Road (access only from Albany Post Road).


    Route 213, from Buck‘«÷s Junkyard to city of Kingston line.

    Creek Locks Road, between trailer park and Dewitt Lake Road.

    Devils Lake Road, to city of Kingston line.


    Ulster Heights Road, from village of Ellenville line to Marcus Road.


    Mink Hollow Road, from bridge to end of road.



    Turkey Hill Road (county Route 56). between Odak Farms Road and Milan Hill Road (county Route 54).

    Intersection of Milan Hollow Road (county Route 15) and Round Lake Road (county Route 52).


    Barrytown Road, near Route 9G.



    County Route 10, between North Settlement and Sutton Hollow.


    Route 32, from Story‘«÷s Corners to Saugerties.

    Cauterskill Road, near bridge over creek.


    Route 23A, west to Pratsville (open to local traffic only).


    Route 42, between Route 23A and Shandaken line.

    County Route 6, at Spruceton.

    County Route 2, from Mosquito Point Bridge to Falke Road.


    Route 23, from Route 23A to Schoharie bridge (open to local traffic only).
    Saugerties, NY

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    Hurricane Irene

    This video shows some of the devastation in the area. Ride safe.

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    Most of the roads are now open. Windham and Prattsville should open soon. Rt 42 might be closed longer. Rt 23a has one lane for about 600'. Expect to see some dirt sections in places.

    The foliage should be out around Oct 10th +- a week. By then everything should be back to normal.

    Very few people up here at the moment. Most people are staying away.

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    Cic 4

    30 SEP - 2 OCT, 2011

    The rivers have subsided, the major roads have been reopened for the most
    part, Hunter Mountain has been up and running successfully with a couple of
    other festivals since Hurricane Irene, we are ready to go with CIC 4. The
    only thing I am not sure about is will YOU be joining us again this year?

    We have plenty of space and would love to see you there. With the
    cancellation of the Killington Classic as a result of the storm damages, we
    are expecting a larger crowd that usual to come out for a big "fall finale
    weekend" of riding, entertainment and camping. There will also be a number
    of vendors attending the event for you to pick up those items you have been
    meaning to buy all season. MAX BMW will also be back with their off road
    schools and the BMW Demo Truck on Saturday and Sunday. We are inviting all
    brands of motorcycles. Please bring your friends. Feel free to cross post
    this announcement to any other motorcycle groups you think might enjoy this

    Best of all, IT IS STILL A FREE EVENT !!

    If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to drop me an e
    mail or give my cell phone a call.

    I hope to see you there!

    Michael Friedle
    Colors in the Catskills 4
    914-489-4174 cell
    Ride fast safely

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    Color in the Cat

    Cannot wait, this will be our third year!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Friedle View Post
    30 SEP - 2 OCT, 2011

    I hope to see you there!
    wish i could come!

    good luck with the show, Michael.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    i see there is camping at site, What are the restroom and showers like?

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    Restrooms are indoors, large, well lit, tiled walls and floors and open 24 hours. They located in the Learning Center building adjacent to the camping area.

    There are no showers on site, it's a ski area. Bring "wet wipes" or find a friend who has booked a room.

    Camping can be reserved on line at or when you arrive on site. There is no shortage of camping space. The cost is $15 per night which is less than the nearest other open choice located about 15 minutes away, the NY State North/South campground, at about $22 per night with an online $9 reservation fee.

    Hope that helps.

    Ride fast safely

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    BTW, some people were planning on camping at another NY State campground in the area, Devil's Tombstone. That area is closed for the season after suffering some damage from the Hurricane Irene. FYI, Devil's Tombstone area does not have any shower facilities either.

    Ride fast safely

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    Colors in the Catskills 4

    OK, here is a list of vendors we are expecting to show up as of today. There may be other last minute additions.

    The weather outlook as of today is excellent, if maybe a bit chillier than recent temps.

    Hi Viz Store: hi viz shirts, jackets, gloves and apparrel

    Shango Rider: Gerbings Heated Clothing, Starcom Communications, Powerlet

    D'Errico's: Motorcycle goggles, sunglasses, ladies apparrel

    GSessories: Motorcycle accessories for BMW and Ducati

    Jimapco: the best maps EVER! local, area and state

    AMA: no, not your local doctor

    NYSMSP: N Y State Motorcycle Safety Program

    Nick Plenzick: Roadgear clothing, heated clothing, lots of really neat
    motorcycle accessories and very useful things you never even knew you needed

    MicaTech: very high quality motorcycle hard luggage

    Twisted Throttle: excellent line of things to make your bike handle better,
    look better and go faster

    Mole Mole: Excellent fast Mexican food because there is more to riding than
    just looking good

    EPM Performance Imports: Comprehensive fork and shock services for alll bike
    brands, YSS shocks, Hyperpro, Run-N-Lites

    And the event is still FREE! NO RALLY FEE TO ATTEND!

    Ride fast safely

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    Colors in the Catskills 4 off road activity

    Hey Ian ( and you others who like to get dirty),

    Here is something that might entice you to come join us this weekend, in addition to the free off road schools offered by TEAM MAX with personnel from the BMW Performance Center in SC, we will also be offering a chance to go riding with local Catskill off road legend, Nick the Barber! Not necessarily for the faint of heart.

    Off Road Riding Opportunity at CIC 4 !

    Local legend "Nick the Barber" will be leading a group ride Friday evening at 5 pm, Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 12 noon for those wanting something a little more challenging than RT 23A !

    This ride will be for Dual Sporters with knobbies and advanced riding skills. All bikes should be street legal, (or at least with good paperwork). All rides will be starting from the barbershop a couple of blocks west of the main entrance to Hunter on RT 23A, 7933 Main Street, Hunter, NY! Have fun with Nick!!

    And this is also FREE!
    Ride fast safely

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    Planning on coming from the central NY (S of Syracuse) area, eventually taking 23 to 23A to Hunter. The road closure info states sections of that route are local traffic only. Any other suggestions to get there? Since I will be traveling there and returning home the same day I didn't want to spend too much time looking for alternate routes so I thought I would ask here. If I can get there via 23A it would be a moot point. Thanks

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    You can get thru. You'll see the devastation in Prattsville on the way. We had lots of rain yesterday with some tree coming down. Spent yesterday and last night putting wires back up restoring power. Be careful riding the back roads this weekend looking for debris on the roads. We are heading up the mountain in afew hours. Heres a link to the local paper's article.
    Saugerties, NY

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