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Thread: Add on Electric Shifter

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    Add on Electric Shifter

    Anyone know anything about this? I might be good to add to a hack for a rider that needs a shifter assistant. I have a brother with prosthesis on left leg, and therefore can not ride.

    Of course, none for a BMW but a universal that can be adapted to most bikes.
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    Electric shift can be pretty simple.

    It is also fairly easy to mount a hand shifter to most BMW models. In a nutshell you need a handle with a knob, and an "L" leg on the bottom end where you mount it to pivot. Then connect the L to the transmission shift shaft and lever with a rod.

    A for and aft motion at the top will be an up or down motion at the L. Bob Mutchler has such a setup on his R11XX sidecar rig. This is not a really good picture but it is the best I have.
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