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Thread: ride coast to coast, ship back?

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    ride coast to coast, ship back?

    Thinking about riding cross country, from Philly to CA, and then shipping my bike home. Anyone ever do this? Who does the shipping?


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    You'll miss half the fun by not riding it back.


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    Just Do It!

    We did it in reverse.

    Last year, after several years of riding from Indiana/Illinois to West coast and back (some of which is pretty boring after numerous trips), my 75-year old brother and I (I'm the 63-year old "baby" of the family), decided to ship our bikes to Oregon. We flew out, landing in Portland, about 5 miles from the BMW shop and picked up the bikes within an hour of landing. We took a nice long, while we were "fresh" trip back. Best trip we'd ever had...only once through the "flat" lands of the heartland, which is enough.

    We used Keyboard, got their name from once handling only pianos shipments. Good outfit, I've used them several times. We each paid around $500.00 for our shipment. Keyboard can pickup in your neighborhood if there is semi-truck access. I've never had a problem with this company. Portland BMW was very helpful in providing space and even fresh bottled water while we geared up in their lot.

    The best was having all the time necessary to see the West and not spending time getting there. Find a shipper, dealer and airport that will work for you and do it. I think, at the time, my airfare was less than $300.00 one-way. So $800.00 or so to get bike and me there, but had we ridden out, with gas, motel and food costs we'd have spent about $500.00 (more today) to get there, plus the 4 days or so to do it. So, in my book, a net of $300.00 to have it the way we wanted it, was very cheap. I think, shipping it there and riding back, gives you that homeward bound goal, which allows you better use of time and timing. Plus, once you've arrived, you've got all the best, "of no place like home."
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    We went from Reno to Quakertown in June.
    It is on SPOT Adventures.

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    just did a trip this summer, shipped the bike to Salt Lake city and drove back. I had it shipped through JC Motors! They specialise in vehicle shippement! Excellent service! If you ship accross the border, it will cost alot more! It cost me around $750 to ship from Maine to Utah.

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    I used Federal (they advertise in all the magazines and offer a discount to AMA members; maybe BMWMOA, too?) Picked-up in Santa Barbara, shipped to Massachusetts. There is an extra charge for pick-up and/or drop-off at residential addresses, so if you can get your dealer to receive the bike you can save a few bucks. Shipping is on a purpose-build pallet that is very sturdy, but not covered. There were several other bikes in the truck when they picked-up mine. All very professional, courteous, and on-time.


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    Ship both ways.
    Save tires.
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    +1 on Federal
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    I shipped to California from the East Coast with Federal. Very good, professional company. If you are a member of AMA, and probably others, you get a discount.
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    Another vote for Federal.
    I shipped my bike to CA from FL and it was about $500 (2 years ago).
    My brother and I rode coast to coast and he shipped his back home to CA.
    I would have ridden both ways, but only had 2 weeks for the trip.

    Dropped off and picked up at freight centers near both of our houses.

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