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Thread: Kisan modulator and Kazoo county sheriff

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    I keep a copy of the federal statute with my registration. I'm a criminal defense paralegal for the Seattle/King County Public Defender, so I'm not shy when it comes to politely reminding a law enforcement officer that federal laws always trumps state and local laws.

    If the LEO wants to escalate the encounter and attempt to cite me with obstruction (we call that "contempt of cop" in my business), I'll be happy to share the federal statute with the prosecuting attorney for the jurisdiction that doesn't like headlight modulators.

    Having said all of that, I ALWAYS have my modulator on when riding between dawn and dusk, and I've ridden 75,000 miles with my headlight flashing - through big cities and remote small towns - and I've never had a LEO take issue with my flashing headlight.

    Maybe it's because my flashing headlight is on the front of an all-white RTP...

    I've attached a copy of the statute I carry in my radio box, kept dry in the Ziploc bag along with my registration and proof of insurance card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbrick View Post
    Perhaps, Jerry, but my experience with law enforcement and elected officials (decades of both criminal defense and local government law practice) informs me that these recipients are not English teachers. Yes, one must meet a minimal level of coherence to communicate, and the OP's letter did. One does not need to tender a Ph.D thesis.
    But the letter doesn't come close to "minimal level of coherence to communicate". They do make a spell checker and a letter would have been better.

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    I think I'll buy one for my trip

    I'm going to hit the road for Kalamazoo County sometime this Summer so I think I'll put one in just for that trip. The LEO will have the option of being embarrassed in front of me at roadside or having a Judge do it in a courtroom. Yup I run the risk of a "run in" and real up close and unfriendly exam but I'm never one to shy away froma good time. Most LEO's by far are great guys and treat the public fairly and in a manner they would expect if the badge were on the other shirt. There's a few out there that just make it difficult for the good ones to get the respect and appreciation they deserve.

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    I find the best practice is tell them they don't know anything and that you pay their salary. Remind them how you are actually their boss and that they work for you and to follow orders or scram. I am not saying that works for me but may work for you.

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