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Thread: Garmin 660 and K1200LT

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    Garmin 660 and K1200LT

    Am purchasing an 07 LT with no GPS but it has the integral GPS cradle.

    Presently have an 08 GS Adventure on which I am using a Garmin 660 purchased directly from Garmin.

    My question is this; will the the cradle on the LT accept the 660?

    I'm guessing not so the next question is this; can the integral cradle on the LT be replaced with a cradle that accepts the 660?

    Advice, opinion, etc. would be much appreciated.

    I am looking forward to finally having a two BMW stable; the Adventure for my adventures and the LT for mine and the brides sightseeing and touring.

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    660 mount

    Bet with a little shade tree adapting it will work, you will need another garmin power cord mount if you plan to use on two bikes too much hassle to remove when switching bikes, found them on net for less than $100

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    Had both too;

    I also had the KLT1200 in my stable, with GSA. My brother bought it and I am a GSA rider, with Classic R100 Airhead to now. The KLT served us really swell for 97000m, towing about 25000 of it with homebuilt trailer. The KLT gave us the BEST mpg's of any BMW ever owned(many)...Only KLT1200 gripe I ever had was servicing the beast, as I do all my own work. Its a day job! A fine machine,however. Garmin too. Randy

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