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Thread: continental divide ride?

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    continental divide ride?

    Im thinking of riding the Continental Divide and would appreciate any comments esp those who have done it. Should I do it with a group? Just where can i get a decent map of the ride? I have a GS 1150. When is the best time to do it?
    Thanks in advance
    Paul Violand

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    Expect lots of dust…….

    Riding in a group is helpful but not necessary. If something goes wrong, need to fix a flat, etc a group can be helpful. Also certain resources can be shared reducing the weight each member carries; i.e. cooking equipment, tools, etc.

    Starting later in the summer season- late July/Aug/early Sept-- helps reduce problems with snowpack at the higher elevations (depends on the amount of snowfall that occurred the winter before). Provided its not too late in the season and a winter weather pattern roles in. Also a later in the season; fewer daylight hours, mornings at elevation can be real cold. But I have been snowed on in the Rocky's in July and Aug if the weather patterns are just right (err…. wrong?)

    Here are some resources:

    Big Dog Adventures

    Murgatoid42 Does the Continental Divide-ADV Forum

    Two Tail Dogs RR

    Les Stark RR

    Jacohamman RR

    Hope this will get you started.

    A Book Recommendation from Whitehorse Press
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    Check out this thread from Adv rider:

    Also, check into the rides offered by Jim Hyde at Rawhyde Adventrues. He has a couple of groups each year going both directions.

    If I were doing it for the first time, I would prefer to be with a group if for nothing else, moral support.


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