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Thread: Rally Roll Call

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    Long Gone
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    First MOA National since 1980 (Prineville, OR). Wonder if anything has changed?

    Oregon - '73 /5; Ohio - '04 RT
    OR - AAA maps; OH - Microsoft map* and GPS
    OR - CB radio; OH - cell phone
    OR - info in ON and at rally; OH - info in ON and on Forum
    OR - great fun, great folks; OH - bet this hasn't changed!

    *WED: I-74>I-55>US24>US224>Motel in Van Wert (379.6 mi)
    THU: US30>OH309>Rally campsite (32.4 mi)

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    I'll be there

    for what it is worth..........

    Dr. Raoul Duke
    Dr. Raoul Duke
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    1974 R90/6 with Ural Sidecar

    "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

    ‘«ŰHunter S. Thompson

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    Bubba It Is ALL Here

    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaZanetti
    i'm not sure if there's one of these or not, but post here if you're going to the rally, i'm curious who i get to meet!

    X - that means i'll be there.
    You will see all types of riders, little, big, short, tall, thin, wide but the most important part of what you will see is how this unique group will define the common theme, THE MACHINE we all ride that we are infatuated with, the BMW Motorcycle. It is the finest machine on two wheels on the planet. With this group it is not a life style defined by what you ware but by the fact that you ride a BMW and where you ride. This is just not another machine but she will reach out for a portion of you and will become a special peronallity in your life. She will allow you to do more than your comrades, she looks better, her curves are just more appealing, she leans in to a curve with the enthusiasim and control others long for, she handles the wind better, she will not leave you stranded on the road and she will be there for you at the push of a button. When you friends on the other brands are calling it a day you will smile as you and her head out for another few miles. And if you are lucky enough to have a special other she will accomidate them in a gracious manner.

    You will get to meet all of these people and their soul mate that brought them to the rally. Each of the 7000 that you will incounter will be as special as your ride is to you.

    Beemerville will welcome you home to others who like you understand why you do what you do and what you want.

    Looking forward to meeting y'all

    Co Chairman Hospitality

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    Cool Good to go

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    Well said, Fred.
    WVCajun - Location meets Heritage!
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    2004 K1200GT Orient Blue - I miss her.
    1977 R100RS Mystic Blue - I miss her.

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    I'll be there
    Bouncin Bob Malehorn
    Treasurer - BMWMOA
    Mentor OH
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    02 K12RS
    03 R1150R Hers
    69 H1

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    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    So, which camp area is everyone staying at, the Quiet, the Traditional or the Roughing it site? I'm thinking I'll park my tent in or between the traditional and roughing it site.

    I'm a forum newbee and have been lurking in cyber shadows trying to get up to speed on the forum site and members. Looking forward to meeting everyone and some good humor and cold beer.

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    Pretty much if you show up at the Beer Garden any time you will find at least one of us around there. Any place at the rally is a good place to be.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by imahaji
    Yuppers I'll be there
    Riding from SE Connecticut looking for a rider or two to team up with for a 1-2 day jaunt to Lima.
    I am pretty much a lurker but looking forward to putting some faces to the tags.

    Stonington, eh? Stop into Stonington Vineyards and tell the winemaker Mike that Bob says hello.
    Eventual Master of the Obvious
    SE Mass - SOHC4 - DoD - BMWMOA - EMOTO #1

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    bluestune wrote:
    So, which camp area is everyone staying at, the Quiet, the Traditional or the Roughing it site? I'm thinking I'll park my tent in or between the traditional and roughing it site.
    What we like to do is to camp in the quiet area, then party in the all night area, and then SLEEP quietly.

    Only worry is the QUIET area isn't in the morning. They like to get up early and complain about the night before's fun ; )

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
    BMW MOA Ambassador / FOM / Roving Forum Moderator/
    Selected Friends of Wile E Coyote/ A Million BMW sMiles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Rider
    I'll be riding my K75 over from Baltimore unless I have a new bike by then. It looks like about 500 miles so I'll slab it about halfway and make it in one day. I'll be camping.
    I'll be riding a K12GT out from Annapolis on the 20th. The wife and kids are heading out with the camper on the 19th. Let me know if you want to hook up for the ride out.

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    Campground map

    With many of the rally participants not knowing any of the other rally participants how is one to know where the traditional campsites (what ever that means) are, as opposed to the "roughing it" campsites? How about a map with significant features noted such as proximity to beer garden and outhouses. A map symbol can be devised for gas powered blenders and persons with this appliance can all be religated to the blender getto.
    I will camp a long crawl from the blenders.

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    Oh Yeah! First National since Escanaba

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    Spokane was our first National Rally but not the last. I'll be riding in from southern California but my wife has to fly due to her work schedule. A friend of mine asked if he could tag along and of course I said, "The more the merrier." I'll probably ride my '95 R1100GS but I just might take my wife's 2003 R1200CLC. See all of you there.

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