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Thread: oil for r1200rt.

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    oil for r1200rt.

    For you wrenchers out there what is the correct oil and grade for the transmission and rear drive for the 08 r1200rt. The book says 75W140, the CD just says Castrol SAF-XO for the transmission. For the final drive the book says 75W90 and the CD says Castrol SAF-XO. Is it Castrol that supplies the BMW oils??
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    Castrol SAF-XO is about impossible to get in the US.. but it is a 75W-90 GL5 gear oil. BMW sells a synthetic 75W-90 GL5 gear oil that is made to meet the rear drive specifications. The transmission - depending on what manual you read - uses either the same oil, or a 75W-140 GL5. BMW again sells a suitable 75W-140 GL5 synthetic - and that's what I use.

    Both of the BMW oils are expensive - the rear drive quart will last you through many changes (you use about 6oz for every chage, or 180cc's) - the transmission oil takes almost a full quart for a change (did mine on Saturday actually..) Luckily the transmission change isn't called for as often as the rear-drive change.

    Castrol does have some marketing tie-in with BMW in Yurop.. but not in the US, and the products sold here are generally not the same as the European products.
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    Go with Mobile 1 synthetic 75W90, GL 5, for both transmission and FD. Readily available at almost any auto parts store.

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    Both previous answers are good.

    To answer the OP's question re BMW oils- they are made for BMW N.A. by Spectro, one of the oldest makers of motorcycle oils in the country. They use Exxon-Mobil PAO base stocks to formulate their synthetics plus the BMW specified additives and do "batch" rather than "continuous" processing. Spectro also sells products under their own brand as well as manufacturing for others and has a well earned reputation for making good stuff.

    No magic to the Castrol stuff- any GL-5 gear oil of proper weight is OK. Like Don I use the 75-140 in the transmission- but don't do that for the FD. I've also used the Mobil synthetic in BMW FDs.

    FWIW, the actual viscosity (measured in cps) for gear oils overlaps that of engine oils despite the wide difference in numbers- the scales aren't the same for engine oils and gear oils. In a dire emergency some have run engine oil in FDs for brief periods which beats having no lube in it. But engine oils are not designed to protect gear faces against the pressures involved so this should never be done on a routine basis!

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    Castrol SAF-XO was in stock at Max's when I was there today. $47 and some change a bottle!
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