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Thread: Camp Trailers?

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    Camp Trailers?

    Where is the best place to post a thread about which camp trailer folks are pulling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletbill View Post
    Where is the best place to post a thread about which camp trailer folks are pulling?
    Hi Bill, most of the trailer related discussion has been in the Gear section. If you want some random info you can use the search this forum box when you get there and enter trailer. Quite a bit of info at your fingertips. Hang on and I'll move all of this to Gear for you. Good luck. Gary
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    camp trailers

    Hey Bill,
    Each person has their own opinion about what makes a good trailer. I myself havea K1200LT and we pull an Aluma motorcycle trailer. You can put lots in it and it pulls very easily. It tracks straight, doesn't jump around and the only way that you can tell it's following you is to look in the mirror. Cost is about $1800.00. Bushtec makes a beautiful trailer but so is the price tag. Bushtec is about double the cost of the Aluma. Unless you have a trike, you might also want to add a swivel hitch to the trailer. Good luck with your choice.

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    I tow a Bushtec and it's great!

    There is one for sale in the flea market fo $2500, good deal!
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    You say "camp trailers" Are you speaking of those that fold out into a covered place to sleep or those that are cargo trailers carrying camping equipment? Or does it matter to you?

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    I tow a Bushtec and it's great!

    I am finishing up my first year with my bushtec and it is really a great trailer. Good suspension,tires and the fit and finish is second to none.It pulls seemless and smooth. Very airodynamic too!It looks great behind my 1100rt!

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    There is a guy on the IBMWR selling a Unigo trailer for $1500. Based on my research ver the years, these little one wheel trailers track really well. I almost pulled the trigger on the IBMWR trailer but my CFFO (Chief Female Financial Officer aka Mrs. RVB1019) said. .

    I saw a bunch of camper trailers at the MOA Rally. One even had AC unit in the doorway. I looked at them at Daytona last spring and thought they were priced about $2500-3000 including the hitch installed.

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    I bought a used Kwik Kamp trailer earlier this year. It weighs about 300lbs empty, has 14 cubic feet of storage - enough for the sleeping bag, clothes, food etc, etc. When it folds out I have a 6'6"x5' sleeping area. I stayed dry during a couple of storms. It is easy to pull - I only feel it if I slow down in a corner; I get a slight nudge. I had it on the Blue Ridge Parkway in July so riding on twisty roads is not a problem but fuel consumption is about 10% higher. I had it at the RA and MOA rallies and intend to take it to Sipapu in 2 weeks time.

    It saves you some money on hotel bills, and is more comfortable than a tent. At the end of the day I can be completely setup in 10 minutes, but it takes maybe 20 minutes to pack up in the morning - if I am trying to pack everything neatly. There is a YouTube video that shows it being setup in 2 minutes, but it normally takes me a couple of minutes to unhitch it from the bike and then level it properly before I start the real setup routine, plus a few more minutes to unload my boxes, table, chair and coolbox. The only thing missing is A/C.
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    I pull a a Lee-sure Lite tent trailer behind my 1150RT. Tongue weight is critical to have the trailer pull without swaying the bike and trailer. You need at least 10-15% of trailer weight. Now I am used to the trailer I would not camp without it! I might also add, I can corner as well with the trailer as without but you have to remember there are two extra wheels behind you and they are wider than the bike!


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    Don't know about these but so far cheap and seems light.
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