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Thread: Beartooth Beemers Rendezvous

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    Beartooth Beemers Rendezvous

    Most of this will seem self evident to those who regularly attend club social events, but I was a "first timer" and perhaps other "newbies" would be interested im my take on the event.

    In July, I and Nick, a friend from North Dakota made the ride to the Beartooth Mountains. We met Bob Clement at his shop and had a great chat. He talked a bit about their Rendezvous that was comming up in August and a ride planned was formed that night in the motel.

    So. Nick and I had the trip on the schedule. Jack, A long time friend and riding partner expressed an interest and was invited to ride with me. Nick also had a friend Tom, who was interested in seeing the event.

    The plot thickened. Jack on his Wing, I on my "K" made the run up to Bismarck, ND and met with Nick and Tom. The following morning Nick on his "K" and Tom on his HD FXR joined up and we rode the slab to Red Lodge. There is not much to say about riding the slab, except it should always be without undue excitment; and it was.

    This was the first Rendezvous experience for us all. We had pretty high expectations, but the volunteers and the Lions Club Camp Staff and volunteers exceeded all our expectations. Our concerns with being new and not knowing anyone were put to rest immediately on arrival. Before I had my land legs back, I had met several regulars. The four of us that rode together had split up to have dinner with different people and chatted about, of all things, motorcycles, rides, memorable moments, etc.

    I'm one of those early to bed, and to rise kind of guys so I was able to slip out of the bunk house and shower with the few other early risers. Coffee was available early making the morning complete. I never heard the other bunkhouse mates slip in at night so I slept undisturbed.

    What can I say about the riding area. We took the loop from Red Lodge on 308 to Hwy 72 at Belfry then South to the Chief Joseph Senic Highway over to US212 for the short run into Cooke City for lunch. the trip back over the Beartooth Pass was spectacular. It climbs to 10975 feet, according to my GPS. Many 20mph turns and switchbacks, with no run-off areas were the norm. WOW!

    Unfortunate health issues with two of our riders mandated we leave on Saturday, but manages to ride together through the Big Horn Mountains to Sheridan, WY. We split up there. Nick and Tom heading back to North Dakota, Jack and I to Gillette, WY.

    On Sunday Jack and I rode to Devils Tower, through The Black Hills and the Bad lands, and stopped at Kodaka, SD. Monday we jumped up to US 14 for the trip home to MN.

    the weather was perfect. Not too hot, cool mornings and evenings. We did get a spot of rain for about an hour Monday mid day. It was not enough to dampen the high from the trip.

    A special thanks for the invitation, and the efforts of all those who made the event a special spot in my summer. It is on the calender for next year.

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    Glad you enjoyed my backyard. Come again some time a find all the other great rides....

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    Glad you enjoyed your first Rendezvous.

    I've been to a couple, and have lots of great memories.

    My exclusive parking spot, after an interesting hill climb:

    "Up top" on the Plateau:

    Our happy gang, from cabin 14. My brother, seated, with Bob, Bob, Bob and [can't remember his name]:


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