First off, I would like to extend my thanks to the BMWMOA member in St.Johns NL Canada for directing me to the new BMW Motorad dealer "The Toy Box Bmw Avalon Motorad" when I fell into dire straights while on vacation.
I desperatley needed a rear tire, and Avalon motorad did everything in it's power to assist me. Since my dilemma was presented to Avalon Motorad on a Saturday, they were unable to order in any tires until the next business day....Monday......the tires (I decided to swap both of them ).....arrived Tuesday morning before the anticipated time, and were installed post haste. Did I also mention that, on saturday, while attempting to locate tires for my bike, a 1100RT, my bride and I were lent a brand new 1200GS to continue touring on for that day. The rest of our road trip went without a hitch, and the brand new Michelan Road Pilot 3's stuck to the dismal wet pavement like glue, which was a real asset considering the rainy days while on route.
Major kudos for Bmw Avalon Motorad of Newfoundland.