Hi, I am looking for any suggestions and advice for a ride I am planning for next spring/summer. I know it may seem a little early, but I am going Afghanistan for four months and want to gather as much info as possible to dig through during my tour. We are looking for recommended stays, things to see along the way, as well as any dos or donts along the way. My son and I are wanting to ride the Tail of the Dragon. We live in North Central West Virginia. I have found that it looks like a logical side trip would be hitting the Back of the Dragon on the way down, other than that I have really no other research into the trip so far. I will be riding my 99 K1200RS, and my son will be on his Honda crotch rocket 600 somethingorother. We would like to make it a nice three or four day trip. Thanks in advance for the wealth of knowledge on this forum.

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