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Thread: '87 K75s Fuel Pump Filter Gauge Breather Hose Routing - Fuel Pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentuvman View Post
    Thanks guys for your help!

    After going back to the air box, I discovered I did not have the rear portion of the hose secured to the plenum. Went back in and took care of it. Thought I'd have to remove the radiator but after more than several attempts I was able to secure it using a long screwdriver, approaching the hose clamp from the top rail of the frame - took some focus but she's running now!

    Also learned how to figure out which vent tank is which, on the rear of the K75 by blowing on the pipe with a hose and feeling where the air comes out around the filler cap.

    Very grateful to this group of professionals who instill confidence in a shade tree mechanic like me.

    So, now that it's running . . . how come you can run a carbureted engine w/out the air filter but not on a fuel injection engine?
    The airflow meter in the top of the airbox "tells" the computer under the seat how much air is going into the engine. Your leak was downstream of the meter, so it was unmetered.

    91 K75RT ABS

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    I watched your thread about fuel lines routing .

    Earlier today I asked which way the intank fuel filter was suposed to go. I got several answers and the bike is running again.
    That's what caught my eye ,and I followed all your thread.

    You mentioned having the Haynes service manual. I got that with my bike , and Clymer's much thicker one too.
    You can get a free download of the OEM BMW service manual for your 1987 K 75 RT if you google " carlslater service manuals " or just ""
    I got my 1991 K75 RT about 7 weeks ago , and found when in doubt look it up in all three . one should make sense, or at least explain things the others didn't do so good ...
    Glad your bikes purrring again.

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