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Thread: more time to ride no time to wrench

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    more time to ride no time to wrench

    Since I bought a 2000 R1150rt-p last fall I havn't been able to make time to fix a leaky front brake line so I am looking for a little help. Life has been busier than I thought since we had twins and not the opposed twin 28 months ago, if anybody reads this say from around the Madison Wi. to Rockford Il. area let me know. I'm still riding my 1985 K100rt to and from work and an occasional evening ride after the boys go to bed.

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    Where is it leaking? If you can determine that it is really a hose, that's not so bad. You can buy the individual hoses, or since you have 11 year old hoses just replace them all. I just recently replaced all my hoses with a Spiegler brake hose kit. It's not that difficult to replace the brakes lines.
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    Tom Cutter at the Rubber Chicken Racing Garage sells Spiegler lines.

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