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Thread: White shoulder stripe, gravel, and my RT

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    White shoulder stripe, gravel, and my RT

    Perfect day for a nice ride. Ive not done as many rides this year like in the past, just too busy with not working and it seemed like the spring rains never stopped.

    So I mowed the pasture for about 2 hours, take a little nap and eat a fruit bowl. It is almost 2, now time to ride.

    First thing I know is I remember did not gas up the last time Sam (84 R100RT) was out. I usually fill up near home to keep Sammy happy it was to of rained so I just road home. Tires up, oil up, ready to ride. I roll out of the garage, and get my gear on. Wow what a nice day, wish I did not have to mow, I have couple of hundred miles on the odometer buy know.

    I decide to take a camera I got for $30 after rebate, it takes a nice history of the ride (only draw back, not enough room at 720 to record more then about an hour).

    Where to go, Allegan Dame Road, Blue Star and down to Redamak. I could not be believe it Friday afternoon, no traffic. Every curve I approach no vehicle in front going 15 mph under speed limit. Catch only 3 stop lights all the way to Redamak. Now time for one New Castle and a cheese burger wrapped wax paper just like God intended. I hear there is a brew pub in Three Oaks (could not find, looks closed), so US 12 to Red Bud will be the first plan to back home. This takes you past the St Joe river so you follow the nice curves and enjoy the lack of traffic.

    Now where to head, M-51 to Paw Paw Road the M-40 home. Usually a very nice ride, through just a couple of small towns. Then it happens, I slow to make the turn on Paw Paw Road, the white stripe and the gravel decide to take my front tire to the ground. I was going slow because of the gravel near the corner, but did not calculate for the gravel on the white line I guess. Did I use my front brake, I don't think I did). No real damage, just a sore side where I must of hit the shoulder of the road. Now I turn off the fuel, and right Sam, best thing was I landed on the right side, so kick stand down so I dont go over and up we are. Quick check, nothing really wrong with Sam.

    I look at the corner, yep my miss calculation for the gravel, I notice it some as big as golf balls, and looks like lime stone on the white stripe. I think back to the last time I did something stupid, oh yes uturn on my sons steep drive in Ohio.

    Before I go on, I know every one is a better rider then me. I should have planned for the gravel on the white line. Just glade my jacket and riding jeans did there job. Only thing beside my side where I landed is a small road rash on the outside of my lower right knee.

    It only 40 miles to home, but will have to stop for gas. I was glade to see the dogs greet me as I turn in the drive (nothing like a hundred dogs barking as you arrive home). Living on gravel road I am use to gravel so I know it was just one of those stupid mistakes that Mr. Hough has written about. Lack of paying attention to the road conditions.

    Now Saturday I will spend the day at a corner being a Marshall for a bicycle race. Now these guys know the pavement. 60 Pro racers for the Nation Championship, elbow to elbow for 80 KM Criterium. Rain or shine they will race closer then I will ever ride. Sunday just watch Tour de Gaslight, another Criterium. Ill take the Volvo.
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    Glad you're okay, Tom! Nice after action review of cause and effect. Lesson learned with no significant damage!
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