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Thread: Audio - GPS, MP3, iPhone thru ear buds

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    Audio - GPS, MP3, iPhone thru ear buds

    I have a new Nolan N103 helmet.
    I don't want bluetooth or anyone on the pillion.

    I do want to be able to hear my GPS lady and my MP3 music and know when my iPhone is receiving a phone call or text message (so I can pull off and respond with my helmet off.

    I'll be in the market for a good pair of ear buds.... But, what kind of waterproof "black box" should I get to control priorities of incoming audio (eg. surpress the music when the GPS lady has something to say) and to control volumes?

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    I'm sure you'll get a lot of differing opinions, but a second hand Autocom unit should do the trick. They pop up in the Flea Market section from time to time, and range from very basic to fairly advanced.

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    I use a MixIt2. It does what you want and mine is mounted in the glove box on my '05 1200RT. I can use earbuds for sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyfr View Post
    I use a MixIt2.
    If you don't care about using helmet speakers or sending voice back to bike, go with a MixIt2. I sell Autocom, but for your application, it is much more than you need.

    If you want the ability to expand to bike-to-bike, helmet speakers, rider-pillion then the Autocom is top notch, but I'd avoid a used one as the current units have many more features and parts availability is better.

    If the choice is between a used non-current Autocom and a new MixIt2, go with the MixIt2.

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    Here's all you need and at only $65 and Gary is a FANTASTIC fellow to do business with..........


    I have them on all four of my bikes and I've installed dozens more on other bikes. Can't beat it!
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