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    Kentucky to Idaho

    Preparing for a 2 week trip west. Destination Boise, ID. Was out west 2 years ago (only as far west as Jackson, WY. on my LT. Went across NE to WY, up to MT and SD and back. This time I'm taking the GS. I remember that the distance from KY to WY/CO was hard and not enjoyable. This time around I want the entire trip to be enjoyable, so I am looking for suggested routes from those of you who have been there, done that. Thanks much.

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    KY to ID

    Some 20 years ago I used to drive I-70 between St. Louis and Denver at least twice a month. Some folks say that drive is boring, especially after you get west of Topeka. I always found that KS has it's own unique kind of beauty and I always enjoyed it (but winter storms could really wreak havoc on a trip across the Plains).

    With that being said, and if it wouldn't take you too far out of your way, how about crossing southern Missouri? That'll take you through the Ozarks for some nice scenery and twisties. Then you could run across southern Kansas. I believe that scenery is nicer than the scenery along I-70. Kansas has 2 nationally-designated Scenic Byways, and a number of state-designated scenic byways, and almost every county has a little pioneer museum which are good for rest stops and a stretch of the legs, plus you learn a little history. Or, follow Hwy 50 across, all the way to Pueblo, CO. Stay on Hwy 50 over a little west of Pueblo and cut north and west up through the Rockies. If you really want to take that GS off-road, catch some of the TransAmerica Trail.

    Of if you don't want to spend that much time, you could cut across northern Missouri, north of I-70. Take Hwy 36 across MO and KS (aka the Pony Express trail) and work your way across northern Colorado.

    Just some ideas. I'm sure you've spent time studying the maps. Have fun whatever route you take and enjoy the scenery!!
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